Paul Reed & Vortex are as good as it gets in this space. Every aspect of what they do is measured, reviewed & documented. Any athlete who is serious about reaching the pinnacle of their chosen sport should definitely reach out to work with this guy. For me, I would have every one of our athletes working with Paul Reed, period. 
Carl Messen 
HD Fight Management 
Vortex nutrition programme has allowed me to fuel correctly for my training and recovery. In a weight class based sport, cutting weight is a big part. Being able to cut weight safely, and still have the energy to improve in the gym has made huge improvements in my development as an athlete. Vortex has helped me go from restricting myself massively whilst cutting weight, to being fuelled and energised each training day and being able to get the most out of my sessions. 
Paul is there with me every step of my weight cut and also year round to make sure Iā€™m pushing myself to be better. I know anytime I have a problem whether it be weight related or training related, Paul is only ever a message or phone call away to help me. 
Ben Petches-Kelly 
Pro MMA Athlete 
Paul is Head of Performance for English MMA Association and his company Vortex CSP are official performance partners. He is one of the most trusted coaches in the MMA community for S & C, Nutrition and Weight Making. He has a brilliant ability to be able to explain the science and evidence based strategies in an educational manner that the athletes fully understand and adhere to. The difference he has made to countless number of athletes within their performance and approach to all of these things is outstanding, plus importantly they trust him as their coach and mentor. 
Paul Kelly 
Head Coach | English MMA Association 
My performance has come on ten fold since starting my program. My strength, explosiveness and overall ability has gone through the roof and is continuing to progress every week! 
What sets Paul and Vortex apart from the rest is firstly his knowledge and wisdom in the entire space, something that nobody comes close to him on. Paul makes time to work with every specific athlete during their training program. It doesn't matter if you're an amateur fighter or in the UFC, Paul has time for every individual athlete. 
Luke Riley 
Pro MMA Athlete 
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